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We were fortunate it enough to attend the Redskins vs. Jacksonville game. What a great family day!! We could not have asked for better weather or a better game!….Well maybe Jax could have, but he came around!

In the truck on our way….wait, what did we forget…the grill…crap…we will have no time to tailgate if we turn around…Target to the rescue!…thank goodness I know every Target location within a huge radius of our house…and it was on clearance… and the guy gave us an extra discount on top of the clearance….score!…Problem solved YEA!!!!!
The parking lot was mobbed! Probably because it was the season home opener, but we found a spot and set up camp!

Let the fun begin! We happen to love Corn Hole so let the game begin!
It was the “red heads” vs. the “blondes” as Ethan always says…The Redheads won…Just sayin

And Jax makes the pass..
Oh no, it’s low…But… SCORE…. the amazing receiver catches it…one handed…just before it hits the ground!!!

Silly selfie with Mommy
Jax photo bombing Ethan and Mike
How Cute are my Boys?!?!?
Ok, Mommy wants in on the picture taking.
SCORE! A family picture!
Daddy had grilled us up some yummy food and after we were full it was time to pack up and head to the seats.
I just love how much they love and look out for each other!
The race though security is on…its an untalked about game we play…who can get though security first… we usually divide by personalities rather then hair color on this one…I wonder which team will win…which team wins every time….
DUH…as if there was any doubt…waiting for Mike and Ethan… on the other side…. Mommy hates lines and crowds!
We made it to the seats!

Our little Jacksonville Jaguars fan was pretty discouraged from the get go. Now if you are wondering where this random love of the Jaguars comes from, its because when you watch football on tv, the ticker always says Jax! And hence the random fan.
Thank goodness he decided he could still cheer for the Jaguars and be a fan…just not when they were playing the Redskins… all was good by the end of the first quarter!
Notice Ethan’s undershirt now covering the Jaguars jersey…he claims he was cold
All is going great…it’s a blow out…which is an exciting game for kids…especially when you are in the stadium…and what happens…
Jax gets stung by a bee…his first bee sting…I got some ice and prayed he didn’t swell up…. he didn’t…and to his credit bounced back very quickly
Now lets hope they can win another one this season!

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