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Last Saturday Little Arthur was 3wks old and his immune system was up and running enough to where we could go and meet him in person! We were all so very excited as we have been spending more time then I would care to admit watching him on the puppy cam! Sadly Mike was out of town, so my Mom came with us. He was cuter and better then I could have ever imagined!

He’s a pudgy little thing and so soft and cuddly!

We couldn’t get enough the boys were practically fighting over him.

Ethan is most looking forward to teaching him cool tricks and likes to watch training videos on YouTube.

Jax is just Jax and is just thrilled to be getting a puppy! He did say he’s going to brush him, but for money of course. LOL!

Awe… Look how cute!
I wonder how many things that cute little mouth will eat?!?!

However, I am sure that much like Jax’s dimples serve him, that cute little face will be quickly forgiven.

And me, well I am over the moon about having a new baby in the house. With the boys getting so big and  independent I am looking forward to have a new little love to take care of.
Remind me to read this post when he’s destroying my house or driving me batty!

We have had so much loss in the past few months and he is going to bring us all so much joy!

And despite all that joy, I  know he will also bring, destruction, messes, hair, vet and grooming bills too.

But he will be worth it for the laughter, responsibility and fun that he will bring to us and our entire family! Especially the boys who for them, Arthur will be their boyhood puppy that they raise and remember for a lifetime. The boys love Florence, but Jax doesn’t remember her as a puppy and really she is more of an “adult” dog. She likes to cuddle with the boys, but doesn’t really play with the boys.
A month from today he comes homes and we get to go visit again in two more weeks. Until then you can find me watching the puppy cam!

He took his fist real steps two days ago!!!

Oh stop laughing its the little things in life that sometimes bring the most joy!
Here are a few cute pics snapped from the puppy cam.

Milk coma!

OMG I can’t move, I ate too much!

Mama just giving up! Arthur is sleeping under her tail!

Little sister Jill was still available on Saturday. Shes smaller than Arthur, and oh sooo sweet!

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