After such a fun hike on Sunday the boys and I decided to head back to Patapsco State Park, but with our Bikes! So we loaded them into the van and off we went. It was a beautiful bike ride down a paved path that ended at a bridge with a huge waterfall along the way.

The ride went along the river and was just beautiful!

It was a perfect day for a bike ride and the boys did great! It was 2.5 miles to the bridge, and 2.5 miles back. The path was pretty flat and I believe it was the furthest both boys had ridden on any one given ride. I can’t imagine a nicer way to spend the morning then riding with my boys along the scenic river!

And after such a great morning ride, we decided to hop on our bikes later that afternoon and ride the 2 miles each way to the local frozen yogurt place.

I love that the we all have bikes and love to ride together. Its a great way to spend quality family time and do something healthy at the same time!


Our family has been all over the place and last weekend Daddy was away in NY for a golf tournament in honor of my cousin Troy and so the boys and me had a few days to kill together before we left for OC and the summer was over.

Sunday morning we decided to try out the new Ihop that just opened. It was enjoyable, but you can tell they just opened and are still working out some of the kinks. Excuse how awful I look, it was early, and I was un-showered, and didn’t have makeup on. Trust me its not pretty, but my boys don’t care!

Jax was freezing so he decided to cuddle with me while we waited for our breakfast!

After having a delicious breakfast we headed home. We were all pretty full, so we decided a bike ride to the school playground would be a fun way to help our tummy’s digest. We had a blast biking around the school and playing on the empty playground!

What’s that saying? “Not my Monkey’s not my Circus?”

Totally my Monkey’s and the best Circus EVER!

We were having so much fun we decided to ride to GORC park to play on that playground. That didn’t last too long, but we enjoyed the bike ride!

We finally headed home, enjoyed some down time and then met up with Aunt Nicole and Cousin Lucas for a hike at Paptasco State Park later that afternoon.

It was a beautiful hike!

The boys loving hanging out together and had a blast!

After a great hike we headed to my parents for a dip in the pool. After such a great exhausting day, the boys slept great!! I love being active with the boys and we had such a great day!


As summer was quickly coming to an end,  I was looking for something fun for the boys to do. All year I keep seeing people post pictures of their kids at SkyZone, so we booked the first open time slot and after a long morning of waiting off we went!
The boys LOVED It!!!! OMG what a great way to let them burn of energy!!

Here’s a short video of Ethan making a basket! I love the huge smile at the end

And Jax bouncing, but just missing

They had so much fun!! I can’t wait to take them back!

The smiles were just priceless!!

Ocean City 2014

Below are some of my favorite pics from our family vacation in Ocean City!

And we are off!

First things first…Hit the beach!

Enjoyed a great dinner with Judy our first night there!

Beach Bums!

My little helper!

Awe, my loves!

Mini Golf!

Special treats!

Boardwalk games and snacks!

Forever and always my baby!

Surfer Dudes!

Silly Bean!

Headed in for Dip!

My redheaded baby!

Awesome day at the Waterpark!

Magic show on a rainy day! Jax got to go onstage.

Assateague  boat tour

So cool watching old fashioned taffy being made!

Had so much fun playing lots and lots of football on the beach!

Sunrise on a beautiful morning! Took us three mornings to actually get up early enough to get the pics

So much fun with the all you can ride band at Trimpers!

We are such bad parents and put them on the zipper!

What makes us even worse as we just kept laughing!

Well deserved Orange Twists!

Jax’s favorite Ride!

Ethan’s favorite!

Fun on the beach!

Sandcastle Number 1

How to get the bucket back up to the condo!

OMG Too many bubbles!!!

So excited to pick a few crabs!

Family snuggle time!

Giant Sandcastle Number 2!
5 Towers!!

Mama actually helped this year! And then got into the Ocean!

Our favorite shop of the summer!

Happy Hour on the beach! Where everyone is happy!

Beautiful Sunset!

Our last night in OC!


As summer is quickly drawing to an end we have been trying to squeeze in a last little bit of summer fun. We enjoyed a wonderful day at the pool Saturday, and Friday we went on a super fun hike!

There was lots of excitement as the boys had tried to catch a little lizard gecko thing.



And they caught lots of these little guys!

It’s the fun mornings like this that make me wish the summer wouldn’t end, but then there is another part of me that is ready for the routine that comes with school starting.

Here are some random pics from our family over the past few months.

All the rage on Facebook right now is the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I was nominated by my nephew Lucas to take the challenge. Me and the boys accepted!

The boys also wanted to nominate Daddy, who isn’t on Facebook.


It was a fun thing to do and I am glad to have been a part of spreading the awareness on this terrible disease.